Upper School

We prepare our older students to impact the

future of humanity by engaging with the past.

We must admit to you: our Humanities program is remarkable. Students in our Upper School aren’t just acquiring a disjointed smattering of history facts, but rather a deep, first-hand understanding of humanity throughout time. This kind of learning requires thoughtful self-reflection, grappling and discussion, and naturally integrates big, transcendent faith questions. The result? Wisdom. Our students — typical teenagers in many ways — are “conversing” with the greatest thinkers in western history, and they’re doing it with increasing skill and confidence. Our world needs these future leaders, guided by knowledge and wisdom

Upon graduation, most students from LCA finish with 24 dual credits often allowing them college entry with one semester already accomplished.

We take our students on life-changing experiences.

Our scope is wide but our aim is deep.

We have two coexisting goals: our natural goal is to prepare upper school students well for postsecondary educational pursuits, and our supernatural goal is to inspire in them a wholehearted love for the things of God. Students study a diversity of subjects including Humanities (history, literature, philosophy, and theology combined), Mathematics, Foreign Language, Bible, Technology, and Science in our fully-equipped laboratory. Every subject is seen as God’s truth, and therefore, learning has the intrinsic ability to deepen faith and develop character.

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