Middle School

We give our elementary students the freedom to explore and the tools to become life-long learners.

Strong Foundation

The elementary years are formative and exciting. During these years you will see an explosion of changes and growth in your student. As every stage of learning gives way to the next, we feel as if we’re witnessing a series of small miracles. We marvel when a child moves from concrete thinking to the abstract — oh, the questions they will ask! It is our privilege to open their eyes and minds to more of God’s truth and His awe-inspiring world. We believe that students can be prepared well for future learning while still enjoying the learning process: we lay a strong foundation by helping students to acquire essential skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, and we give them freedom to explore, experiment, and experience along the way.

Bringing exploration and nature together results in a truly unique way to reach children at a key point in their development.


More Streams, Less Screens.

We’ve implemented an innovative, nature and play-based program called TimberNook. After months of detailed research, we found abundant confirmation that our children need time to be in nature, to have sensory-rich, hands-on experiences, to play imaginatively and to problem-solve independently. Our commitment to doing what is best for for our students, led us to TimberNook. We believe that TimberNook will help your child become the strongest, most confident, most curious version of him or herself!

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