We believe in caring for the whole student, and that means we attend to the body as well as the mind and heart. When we aim for physical health, we show gratitude for God’s masterful work in creating the human body. And, those bodies need to move! So, we don’t just give students fidget-friendly chairs. We give them extended recesses, outdoor adventures, physical education classes, skiing on the slopes, team sports, and a chance to hike in our beautiful state.

Early Education

We ignite curiosity and wonder in our youngest students through a nature and play-based program.

Lower School

We give our younger students the freedom to explore and the tools to become life-long learners.

Upper School

We prepare our older student to impact the future of humanity by engaging with the past.


Learning Differences

Laconia Christian Academy supports your child’s learning needs.


Laconia Christian Academy is a place to belong.


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