Early Education

We ignite curiosity and wonder in our youngest students

through a nature and play-based program. 

We consider it an honor to be entrusted with the care of your little ones. We know the first few years in a classroom can impact your child’s view of education indefinitely, so our goal is to give the biggest of welcomes to our smallest students. Our nurturing teachers create safe, inviting spaces for your child, and they foster a classroom culture of belonging and kindness. Because Laconia Christian Academy is student-driven rather than text-driven, we are able to give flexible, individualized attention to your child and his/her learning.

Bringing exploration and nature together results in a truly unique way to reach children at a key point in their development. – TimberNook.com

More Streams, Less Screens

We’ve implemented an innovative, nature and play-based program called TimberNook. After months of detailed research, we found abundant confirmation that our children need time to be in nature, to have sensory-rich, hands-on experiences, to play imaginatively and to problem-solve independently. Our commitment to doing what is best for for our students, led us to TimberNook. We believe that TimberNook will help your child become the strongest, most confident, most curious version of him or herself!



Our loving, familial, atmosphere allows students to feel secure and valued. We create a culture of kindness and respect within our classrooms.



Research shows that play is an integral part of learning, and we embrace child-directed free play as developmentally important for the body, mind, and soul.



We use the innovative TimberNook program to bring hands-on, sensory experiences to our students by engaging with nature. This encourages creativity, curiosity, problem-solving, and a host of physical and emotional benefits


Christ Centered

We share the love of Jesus with our littlest ones through story, song, and age-appropriate lessons on faith, character, and the person of Jesus.

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