Spring 2017 RaiseUP Giving Day

This coming Tuesday will mark the beginning of a capital campaign to raise money for an exciting new addition to the Middle School Building. After the success of last year’s one-day fundraising campaign toward the purchase of a new school van, which has been a wonderful asset for school trips and sporting events, we have great expectations for increased participation from families, friends, and especially alumni!

Laconia Christian Academy holds the Holiday Gala fundraiser in the fall to underwrite the tuition Grant fund. The Spring fundraiser, however, raises funds for special projects.

The school Administration, together with the Strategic Planning Committee, pinpointed the need for a formal Welcome Center and Admissions office as a pressing need, especially because there is also a need for additional classroom space in the elementary school. The Welcome Center affords the construction of two additional classrooms on the second floor in the near future. Increased enrollment in the past few years has meant separate classes for 1st through 4th grade, whereas they had been combined into two groups previously. This means grades 5 and 6 will soon need individual classroom space as well, which can be conveniently located above the Welcome Center, adjacent to be current 5th and 6th grade combined classroom.

This year’s goal is to fund Phase I of a new Main Entrance which will be built onto the existing Middle School building. We will break ground on a 900 sq. ft. addition to the north side of the building where the main entrance is currently located. Phase I of the addition will include renovations to the existing building: a new entry door, new flooring and stair tread coverings, and a new entrance on the east side of the building with hallway to access upstairs classrooms. The estimated cost for this portion of the project is $45,000.  Phase II is affectionately being called the “Welcome Center” because it will house a new dedicated reception and waiting area, an admissions office, as well as guest and faculty bathrooms and additional office space. The best part of this welcome addition will be the two new classrooms on the second floor! These classrooms will most likely become an art room for middle and high school
students, and a homeroom for one of the middle school classes. The estimated cost for this larger portion of the project is $155,000.

Look for the link to our online giving portal through email and social media in the next few days. The portal will only be active for 24 hours, but checks and other forms of payment are always welcome.

We’re hoping to increase our participation in this year’s Giving Day event by at least 60% from last year, so get ready to challenge your friends and family to join you as we prepare for these beautiful changes on campus!
Contact Karen Mitchell, the Giving Day Coordinator, with questions or matching challenge offers.

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