Lower School

Laconia Christian Lower School’s academic program, extracurricular activities, and arts prepare students with the skills to be life-long learners. At each level in the Lower School, care is taken to insure that instruction is engaging, developmentally appropriate, and tailored to the individual student’s learning style.

LCA recognizes and follows the classical philosophy of education: the course of study moves from concrete thinking skills to abstract reasoning. This scope of instruction prepares the student to succeed in the Laconia Christian Upper School where the mastery of facts and ability to think reasonably are essential to the development of self-expression skills. In the primary grades (grades K-2) the emphasis is on the basics: reading, writing, and math. Mastery of these fundamental skills, particularly reading and math computational skills, provide the basis for all future learning. The LCA reading program incorporates nationally recognized reading and reading comprehension strategies in both the primary grades and elementary grades (grades 3-6).

Latin, science and social studies are incorporated into the course of study, all predicated on a Biblical foundation. It is during the latter elementary years that students solidify strategies for acquiring and organizing knowledge. By the end of the elementary program, the focus shifts to developing the ability to analyze information and present knowledge, whether by oral presentation, artistic rendition, or written word.