Scholarships & Grants

Do you feel like Christian education is only an option for wealthy families?

LCA has a socioeconomically diverse population, a direct reflection of the diversity in the community around us.  Most of our families choose to make financial sacrifices in their lifestyle choices in order to afford a Christian education for their children.  In order to help our families cover the costs of such a worthwhile investment, we provide nearly $200,000 each year in  financial assistance.

The Admissions Committee makes its decisions about new student applications in a “need-blind” manner, which is to say that a family’s ability to afford tuition does not influence the Committee’s decision to admit a student.

For families interested in applying for a Tuition Grant, FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment applications are available online. Tuition assistance is based on a family’s financial need and on the availability of funds in the scholarship fund.  Tuition Grant applications must be completed by the first Monday in April to receive priority consideration. See Tuition Assistance Policy for additional information.

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY:  LCA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, and other school-administered programs.

TUITION GRANTS:  Since 2000, LCA has awarded over $1.1 million dollars in tuition grants to qualifying families. Qualification for a tuition grant is based on an objective assessment of family need.  Families feeling they may need or qualify for a tuition grant are encouraged to apply. A FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment application requesting pertinent data on family income, assets, liabilities and expenses is required. Applications may be completed online and submitted electronically to LCA. In order for LCA to provide grants to as many qualifying families as possible, completing the application prior to the first Monday in April is strongly encouraged.

Click here to read LCA’s full Tuition Grant Policy

NH TAX CREDIT SCHOLARSHIP: Thanks to a recent court decision allowing a business tax scholarship fund to go into effect, your family may be eligible for scholarship money to help pay for your child’s tuition at LCA.

The average scholarship per student is approximately $2,500.   The scholarship program does not impose any new requirements on schools or parents and is simply awarded based on need.

Who is eligible?

-Students must be NH residents between the ages of 5 and 20 who have not graduated from high school.

-Families whose gross family income does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level.  This ceiling is equal to $71,550 for a family of four or $83,730 for a family of five.  To calculate the limit for a larger family, add $12,180 for each additional person in the family.

Follow the link to learn more about the Giving and Going Alliance, the not-for-profit group that administers the educational tax credit scholarship program.

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP: The Adam Dean Howley Memorial Scholarship is named for Adam Dean Howley who had a love of singing, dancing, and acting.  He performed in theater productions every year from pre-school until his death in 2001.  Adam did not graduate from LCA, but his younger sister did, and the family developed strong ties to the LCA community. This memorial merit scholarship was established to encourage other students to develop their skills in the performing arts. Over $13,500 have been award to deserving students since 2001.

The Adam Dean Howley Memorial Scholarship is open to re-enrolling students in grades 9-12.  Each applicant must write an essay, not to exceed 2000 words, about his/her interest in the performing arts.  All applications and essays for this scholarship are due by the first Monday in April. The award is based on a review of all student applications.

NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP: The Gary Brown Memorial Scholarship is named for Gary Brown who graduated from LCA in 1984. He then attended and graduated from Gordon College and returned to LCA as a teacher.  Gary suffered from a rare heart condition that eventually took his life. His life was marked by overcoming odds. As a result, his family created a scholarship in memory of Gary. Over $18,500 in needs-based scholarships have been awarded to students since 2000.

The scholarship recipient will demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics in keeping with the life example of Gary Brown:

-Overcome a significant hardship in the process of succeeding at school,

-Exemplify the values of the Christian life,

-Demonstrates extraordinary performance (spiritual, academic, or athletic),

-Additionally, the recipient must demonstrate financial need.

This scholarship is awarded to a re-enrolling student entering grades 9-12 of high Christian character, with financial need, who has overcome a significant hardship in the process of succeeding at school; a person who demonstrates extraordinary performance in spiritual, academic or athletic areas.