School Profile

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The Academy:  Laconia Christian Academy is located in the heart of the Lakes Region of central New Hampshire. It is a college-preparatory, non-denominational Christian day school for students in pre-school through grade twelve. LCA is an educational ministry of Laconia Christian Fellowship under the direction of an independent governing board. The Academy is comprised of three divisions: Pre-School and Kindergarten (three, four and five year olds), Lower School (grades 1-6), and Upper School (grades 7-12). Additionally, Laconia Christian Academy employs two Level III certified National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) therapists to assist students with learning challenges.

Mission:  The mission of Laconia Christian Academy is to serve families by providing a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education that instills a biblical worldview in the heart and mind of each student.

Student Body: Laconia Christian Academy enrolled 91 students (2014-2015), which includes an Upper School of 38 students. The senior class of 2015 is comprised of 8 students. The Academy provides a diverse academic, socio-economic, and ethnic environment. As a SEVIS approved School, LCA typically maintains an international student population of over 10%. Over the past five years, international students from Belgium, China, Germany, Ghana, Mongolia, Rwanda, and South Korea have enrolled at LCA. The Academy emphasizes small class size (13 average, 20 maximum) and close cooperative relationships between home and school, and among students and teachers.

Academic Program: Laconia Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and approved by the New Hampshire State Department of Education for attendance and educational programs. The Upper School is structured around eight 45 minute periods with double blocks for humanities, art, AP courses, and and lab sciences. Highlights of the upper school program include:

  • Community Service. Students devote an extended afternoon each month to local community service, allowing LCA students to become aware of and engaged in meeting the needs of the community. Juniors and seniors travel to Honduras for a week each March.
  • College Board Advanced Placement Courses. LCA offers the following AP courses: Chemistry (2013), Physics B (2010, 2012, 2014), Calculus AB (2008, 2010, 2013), and U.S. History (2012).
  • Dual Credit. LCA juniors and seniors are offered the opportunity to earn dual-credit through the New Hampshire Community College system and the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School. American Government was offered on campus through Lakes Region Community College (2014).
  • Humanities Program. The interdisciplinary Humanities courses integrate the study of theology, philosophy, history, and literature through a study of the “Great Books.” See attached upper school reading list.
  • Writing Instruction. Upper School students in grades 7-9 are enrolled in competency based Grammar and Composition courses devoted wholly to the mastery of the English language and writing; student in grades 10-12 are enrolled in rhetoric courses designed to refine their writing and other rhetorical skills. The writing component of the curriculum is fully integrated into the Humanities program.

Diploma Requirements: Credit requirements for students (grades 9-12) are as follows:

Subject Area Credits
Humanities 1 8
Grammar & Composition 1 2
Bible/Theology 1
Social Studies 1,2 1.5
Science 3 3
Math 3
Physical Education4 1
Fine Arts 1
Various Electives, Totaling 24
  1. Credit for Bible/theology, philosophy, history, and the literature portion of the traditional English course is met through the Humanities program. Each year, in conjunction with this intensive 2 credit course, students are required to complete a year-long ½ credit course in grammar and composition or rhetoric.
  2. Social Studies: 1 credit in American History; ½ credit in Economics. Credit for American Government is met through Humanities III. World history and geography are also integrated into the Humanities curriculum.
  3. Science: 3 credits in a lab science (Conceptual Physics, Biology, Chemistry, AP Physics).
  4. Physical Education credit is earned through participation in inter-scholastic sports.

 Grading System:  Report cards are posted at the end of each quarter. Parents are given real-time access to student academic progress through an online student management system.

Class Rank:  Laconia Christian Academy does not report class rank.

 GPAHigh school students’ weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated according to the table that follows. Students in AP and Dual Credit courses receive a 1 point GPA bump for a course grade above a C.

Performance Level Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent GPA
A+ 98-100 4.3
Superior A 95-97 4.0
A- 92-94 3.7
B+ 89-91 3.3
Above Average B 86-88 3.0
B- 83-85 2.7
C+ 80-82 2.3
Average C 77-79 2.0
C- 74-76 1.7
D+ 71-73 1.3
Below Average D 68-70 1.0
D- 65-67 0.7
Below Passing F Below 65 0.0

Standardized Testing:  Students at Laconia Christian Academy have con­sistent­ly scored above grade level on the Stanford Achievement Tests and Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP tests. College Board SAT scores for college-bound seniors are shown below.

YOG Reading Math Writing Composite
2011 622 575 595 1792
2012 581 554 622 1757
2013 590 627 637 1854
2014 540 630 555 1725
2015 547 587 505 1639
Five-Year Mean 576 595 583 1753

Athletic Participation:  Laconia Christian Academy is a member of the New Hampshire Small Private School Athletic League (NHSPSAL).

Colleges Attended:  Laconia Christian Academy students are encouraged to further their education.  Over the past five years, more than 83% of our students have enrolled in college. The following is a partial list of colleges and post-secondary institutions which have accepted our graduates. Graduates from the classes of 2009-2014 have enrolled at the post-secondary educational institutions that are identified in bold print.

Air Force Academy Lakes Region Community College
American University Lee University
Asbury University Liberty University
Boston University Messiah College
Calvin College New England College
Case Western Reserve University New England School of Communications
Cedarville University New Hampshire Technical Institute
Clarkson University New York University
Cornerstone University NH Technical Institute (NHTI)
Covenant College Northeastern University
East Coast Aerotech Nyack College
Eastern College Oral Roberts University
Eastern Nazarene College Palm Beach Atlantic University
Emerson College Philadelphia Biblical University
Emmanuel College Plymouth State University
Evangel University Point Loma Nazarene University
Farleigh Dickerson University Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Flagler College Roberts Wesleyan College
Florida Institute of Technology Savannah College of Art and Design
Genesis Discipleship Training Center Southwestern Bible College
GMI Engineering & Management Institute St. Anselm College
Gordon College St. John’s College (Annapolis)
Grand Canyon University Syracuse University
Greenville College Taylor University
Harding College University of Colorado
Harvard Divinity School University of Lowell
Hesser College University of Maine
Hofstra University University of New Hampshire
Holy Cross College University of Southern Maine
Houghton College Virginia Military Institute
Johnson and Wales University Wheaton College (Illinois)
Keene State College Worcester Polytechnic Institute
King’s College YWAM (College of the Pacific)