Another Great Commission

Noah Webster (1758-1843), the great 19th century American historian and devout Christian author of America’s most famous and earliest comprehensive dictionary wrote:

Society requires that the education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention.  Education, in a great measure, forms the moral characters of men, and morals are the basis of government. … It is much easier to introduce and establish an effectual system for preserving morals, than to correct by penal statues the ill effects of a bad system.The education of youth [is] an employment of more consequence than making laws and preaching the gospel, because it lays the foundation on which both law and gospel rest for success.

We hear echoes from the past with reminders of the other great commission which Christian educators share with you as fathers and mothers:

That you, your children and their children after them may fear the Lord your God … by keeping all His decrees and commands … Impress them on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 6:2,7)

Nearly 200 years after Webster, C.S. Lewis wrote:

No generation can bequeath to its successor what it has not got… If we are skeptical we shall teach only skepticism to our pupils, if fools only folly, if vulgar only vulgarity, if saints sanctity, if heroes heroism. Education is only the most fully conscious of the channels whereby each generation influences the next. It is not a closed system. Nothing which was not in the teachers can flow from them into the pupils.

 excerpt from God in the Dock

In choosing Christian schooling you have made a decision of eternal as well as practical consequence for your child.  As we together nurture godly character and wisdom in your son or daughter, God will surely be faithful to “carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ”  (Philemon 1:6).  We understand that the fulfillment of your decision will not come without significant mutual commitment, hard work, and sacrifice.  At the same time, we rejoice in this opportunity to serve your family, and trust in His faithfulness to provide us all with the means to carry out His perfect purposes.